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Used Sumitomo S280F-2 excavator

Website editor: Fenyue Trading Published: 2017-04-11

"Create the largest customer value" is the essence of the marketing of the company, Sumitomo new model of the development concept fully embodies this idea. The new model from all three aspects to meet the needs of customers, namely: excellent economy, excellent sports and excellent comfort. Generally speaking, is to do "I have no people" and "people have my gifted" to achieve the greatest customer value. Standard "EMS easy maintenance system" can make the size of the arm of the connection part of the grease time interval extended to 1000 hours, greatly saving maintenance time; powerful computer board to determine the working state of the machine, when the obstacles can be automatically Increase the digging force, so as to improve the efficiency; low speed high output common rail EFI engine and new hydraulic system two-pronged, save fuel 20%; and can be like a faucet as a free control throttle knob integrated new mode of operation, etc. Is "no one I have" unique configuration and performance. In addition, the open front and side view, 4 adjustable tiltable control box and can extend the oil oil cycle to 5000 hours of integrated oil filter, etc., are better than other brands of similar products, Do the "people have my gifted".